We’re building an app store full of decentralised applications.

What makes our apps remarkable? They don’t just work in isolation like the apps you use today, but will work seamlessly together via one login and using scalable blockchain technology. Basically, less hassle, less fuss. We are experts at UNtangling technology. Try us.


Sylo is a decentralised communication protocol that facilitates safe and standardised connectivity between users and Connected Applications on the Sylo network. Development is underway to implement the Sylo Protocol as a fully decentralised autonomous communication, storage and payment network able to be utilised by third party Connected Applications.


Mainstage are looking to eliminate ticket fraud and scalping through a digital ticketing system on the blockchain.
They’re using decentralised ledgers, so you can trust and verify their authenticity. The tickets are also programmable tickets, which means that you can build rules into the ticket around how much they can be onsold for.


We started Belong because we think Kiwi employees want to feel more valued, appreciated and rewarded by their employers. We are all about making life better for the employee – helping them reach all of their hopes and dreams.


Arda has supported athletes for over 25 years with wearable devices, artificial intelligence and other technologies and has introduced a token for wellness.


UShare is a multi-modal, on-demand transport application that can work across taxi services, rental vehicles, electric bikes and public transport. It’s changing the way ride sharing works, by creating a modern-day co-operative between providers and users.


SingularX allows traders to trade directly with their counterparties through a secure peer-to-peer exchange. Traders no longer need to trust exchange operators to hold their funds. Funds are securely held in smart contract ensuring only you have the control over your funds.


SingleSource is a decentralised risk scoring platform powered by blockchain. SingleSource gives individuals control over the use of their risk score data and provides organisations with the ability to contribute to, and securely access, this data to make informed business decisions.


Abacus was designed from the ground up to make funding more efficient for small businesses. We focus on helping small companies find easy-to-use solutions to close working capital deficits that otherwise slow growth and or stunt business developement.


CENNZX is one of the first cross chain decentralised exchanges to support Bitcoin and Ethereum. Connecting the CENNZX smart contract API to your app will allow your users to exchange and trade tokens with other users with having to engage a third party.


CentraPay is the world’s first decentralised payment platform which connects consumers directly with merchants, using smart contracts to provide an end-to-end solution for promoting and tracking offers in market.

TGE app

A Token Generating Event (TGE) is a process by which a company can raise funds for the development of a service. Throughout the TGE, tokens are either newly minted or sold from the issuing company’s store.

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