CENNZnet is
designed with developers
in mind.


Everything from SDK kits to creating your own nodes.
Check them out.


Need wallet, identity or communications protocols?
We got you.

Be a part of the movement.

We believe the future is a decentralised world, where businesses and consumers can operate on a peer-to-peer basis, without a technology titan clipping the ticket.

We can supply you with the tools and technology to create decentralised business and consumer applications that are blockchain-enabled.

We have a library of open source tools that you can access – so you don’t need to build everything yourself.

So join us and bring your UNbelievable ideas.

Integrate seamlessly with our blockchain

Blockchain in itself is pretty cool, but we’re building blockchain 3.0, the latest evolution of the technology. Not only will this allow you to easily upgrade your smart contracts when it suits you, but also means the blockchain network can continue to upgrade itself, without risking a fork.

Our highest priority is ensuring that you and your customers get the best possible experience in our ecosystem, so we’ve prioritised features, such as high transaction rates and scalability for business and consumer apps.

Why build on CENNZnet?

Dedicated API teams

Our team of talented devs are committed to ensuring the platform and tools are performing at their best 24/7

You’d be in good company

We have over 30 businesses with real applications already using our technology

Easy user experiences

Your users can easily switch between multiple apps without repeatedly creating profiles and without compromising security and privacy.


Coming soon


Participate in the CENNZnet network by being a validator or running a full node

Coming soon


Access point to the CENNZnet blockchain where you can register for a key to the network

Coming soon

Block Explorer

CENNZnet’s Block Explorer gives you visibility of all transactions on our network

Token Generator

Token Generator enables you to raise funds for your project

Coming soon

Software development kits

Build DApps on CENNZnet using our set of SDK tools

Coming soon

What would you like to see?

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Coming soon


APIs and SDKs that give you the ability to transact across the ecosystem

Coming soon


Sylo is our communications and storage protocol

Coming soon


Our cross chain decentralised exchange

Coming soon


Single sign on decentralised identity protocol

Coming soon


We have a storage solution for you on the blockchain

Coming soon

What would you like to see?

Have an idea that would make a great protocol? Get in touch

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