AUCKLAND Leadership team

Aaron McDonald

Chief Executive Officer

Aaron is a 20 year tech industry veteran with experience leading teams across all aspects of a technology company. Aaron has held leadership positions in large technology companies managing portfolios over $1b in value across engineering and architecture, product management, product development, marketing and sales.

Roger Smith


Roger is the shareholder and the key executive in driving the global growth of a unicorn (Independent Liquor), on the global M&A advisory board of Euronet and currently CEO of ePay NZ. Roger is a successful active angel investor for various businesses including Society One, My HR, Cin7 and Fingermark.

Jerry Yuan

Chief Commercial Officer

Jerry has 10 years’ experience across the Telco and ICT industry. Jerry is highly experienced in providing high end value to various ICT projects and was previously the Account/Sales Director for HUAWEI Technologies. Jerry has global connections within the industry which will help Centrality achieve global growth and adoption.

Dan Gillespie

Chief Strategy Officer

Daniel brings with him over 15 years of international banking and private equity experience. His skill set covers strategic value creation, restructuring, fund raising, deal origination, investment and portfolio management and asset realisations. Daniel has been a board member of a number of group companies providing a broad knowledge of fiduciary and corporate legal responsibilities through various markets.

Ruitao Su

Chief Integration Officer

Ruitao has more than 20 years’ experience in the development of mobile applications with local and global companies. Ruitao is the cofounder of several successful startups in the U.S and his last 3 applications were featured on Apple in the U.S. Rui provides unparalleled domain leadership in building world first experiences in our native applications.

Dean Curtis

Chief People Officer

Dean has spent the past 15 years filling his HR toolkit working across a variety of roles within New Zealand and internationally. His experience spans a wide range of industries including government, media, finance, and technology. During this time Dean has found success in recruiting, developing and guiding high performing individuals and teams to achieve their goals.

Jerome Faury

General Manager

Jerome brings with him 15 years’ senior P&L and business management / leadership experience. His experience ranges from GM to regional and functional head roles including Board and Non-Executive or advisory positions. Jerome has significant hypergrowth exposure across digital payments, healthcare and enterprise software.

Nicole Upchurch

General Manager

Nicole brings her fierce passion for smart and effective marketing communication to the role of GM Brand Experience. Combining a history of working across a broad range of technology disciplines, Nicole is on a crusade to ensure that Centrality is recognised globally as an edgy, market leading and highly successful blockchain business.

Sam Zou

General Manager

Sam has more than 15 years of IT experience with various roles in that technology space, specialising in infrastructure and clouding services design and implementation. In his earlier career, Sam developed a worldleading HR application that accumulated multi-million dollars of annual revenue.

Andy Higgs

General Manager

Andy has a 20 year track record delivering growth, new business and performance improvement in commercial leadership roles across public and private sector organisations. Andy’s international experience includes Deloitte Consulting, MTV Networks Europe and co-founding Accelerate Sport (now CSM), developing global sport and entertainment rights based in London.

JAPAN Leadership team

David McDonald

Chief Executive Officer

テクノロジー業界において15年以上の経験を有しており、特に、地理空間、通信、IoTの分野において、設計、開発、運用、セールス等の幅広い領域をカバー。ニュージーランド、オーストラリア、米国に展開している最初の高速道路アクセスシステムを含む地理空間データ保全システムの設計・実装から、 Intercity(大手バス会社)、Skybus(大手空港送迎サービス会社)、 The Car Distribution Group(大手自動車輸送業者)等におけるニュージーランドで初のIoTコネクティッド型輸送システムの構築まで、当該業界において効果的なソリューションを構築・展開するための深い知見を有する。

Takashi Miyauchi

Chief Financial Officer


Shotaro Okazaki


NTTデータ、PwC、デロイト トーマツ コンサルティング等を経て現職。経営コンサルタントとして事業・デジタル戦略立案、業務改革等を経験したのち、2015年以降は一貫して法人向けブロックチェーン案件に従事。多様な業界に対して、ブロックチェーンを活用した事業構想、PoC支援等における豊富な実績を有する。

Takashi Horikoshi


デロイト トーマツ ファイナンシャルアドバイザリーでValuation業務に携わり、台湾駐在員として、日台間のM&A、在台湾子会社の再編業務や統合案件などの経験を有する。デロイト トーマツ フィナンシャルアドバイザリー退職後、ブロックチェーン・コンサルティング企業のCTIAに参画し、現在に至る。

Kaito Yamatsu


2016年まで、Apple Inc.にてセールスコンサルタントとして従事。 大規模なブロックチェーンプロジェクトのコミュニケーターとして働く友人を通しブロックチェーン業界を知り、ブロックチェーン・コンサルティング企業にてプロジェクトマネジメントを担う。Centralityには初期から日本での展開における各方面サポートを担当している。。

Satoshi Ikeda



Yasufumi Honda


YKK APにて経営企画・法人営業に従事。多数の企業と新規取引を実現、2015年には販売全国No.1を達成。その後ブロックチェーン・コンサルティング企業のCTIAに参画、ブロックチェーン技術の導入を検討する企業へのコンサルティングと学生・企業向けの教育・研修事業/ブロックチェーンセミナーを担当。

Tatsunobu Tsuchiya


4大監査法人において上場企業の会計監査を経験後、4大監査法人系FAS会社で多くのM&A案件の支援業務に従事。その後、政府系ファンドでのファンドマネジャーとしてファンド運用を担当。2019年1月より、CTIA Capital代表として主に資金調達支援業務を開始、現在に至る。

Aaron McDonald


Dan Gillespie


Auckland team

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