dual-token economy

Designed to give benefits to investors, developers and users.

The CENNZnet
token economy


CENNZ is a staking token; it can increase in value without impacting the cost of using the network. This is important to ensure developers can predict the cost of running their application. The demand for CENNZ will increase as more users join the CENNZnet network and generate more activity in the form of transactions.

Staking your CENNZ enables you to participate in the network consensus by securing and governing the network. It also provides you with block rewards in the form of our fee token, CPAY.


CPAY works like gas in the network and will be used for transaction fees and block reward payments for stakers. It’s designed to be algorithmically stable, so developers can easily predict the cost of their application, and stakers can easily predict the value of their stake.

CPAY will initially be tradable on the CENNZX exchange or can be transferred directly between wallets.

User tokens

There will also be an opportunity for DApps to create their own economy and community through user tokens, similar to generic ERC20 tokens. CENNZnet will support several standard token models for things like non-fungible or asset-backed tokens.

Generic assets payment

Transaction fees can be paid in any asset, provided there’s liquidity in the CENNZX spot exchange. CENNZX then seamlessly converts the assets into CPAY for fees. This will streamline by eliminating the need for new users to learn about CENNZ or CPAY when using their favourite DApp.

For more in-depth information check out our token economy paper

You can trade CENNZ at any one of the following authorised exchanges