CENNZ fuels the Centrality eco-system.

Reward program

Join the Centrality reward program and earn Centrapay tokens.

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Run a node

Earn Centrapay tokens by running a node and staking your CENNZ.

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Want to know where you can buy CENNZ?

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Tokens in our eco-system


CENNZ is the staking token. By staking your CENNZ you can participate in the network consensus by securing and governing the network. Stakers will receive block rewards in the form of our spending token, CentraPay.


CentraPay is a spending (aka GAS) token and will be used to pay transaction fees on the network. It’s designed to be stable and predictable for users and businesses who operate on CENNZnet.

Reserve tokens

Reserve tokens have special access to the network and APIs to allow them to perform their special function in a much more tightly coupled way, like Storage for SYLO.

Anyone can propose a new reserve token function and economy and the validators can decide to include this in the networks reserve token pool.

User tokens

There will also be an opportunity for DApps to create their own economy and community through user tokens, similar to generic ERC20 tokens.

User tokens can be created by anyone and CENNZnet will support several standard token models for things like non fungible or asset backed tokens.

Purchase CENNZ

You can trade CENNZ at any one of the following exchanges